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Four steps of responsible catering


21st Dec, 2018

One of the sustainable ways in which KLM aims to distinguish itself is with its responsible catering, choosing animal-friendly and fair-trade products with as little impact on the environment as possible. We zoom in on QiZiNi’s double sandwiches served on our European flights.

  1. Organic bread
    The bread is baked by Dutch bakery Carl Siegert. The bakery uses solar energy for the production of organic bread specialties and wind energy for the grain mills. By doing so, Carl Siegert is in the top five of Dutch companies with a closed cycle of energy and production. Almost all organic grains come from farmers who are located within a circle of 200km from the bakery. The grain mills are also within that circle. As a result, relatively few transport kilometres are required and the origin of the grain is easily controllable.
  2. Happy cows
    We serve two types of QiZiNi cheese sandwiches, made of Beemster cheeses. Beemster cheeses are made by Cono Kaasmakers. This is a cooperative of North-Holland farmers who work according to the ‘Caring Dairy’ principle. Everything they do in their production process is aimed at making the entire chain more sustainable, from cow to cheese. The cows are out in the field as much as possible, and during the winter, they receive extra care, because, according to the farmers: “Happy cows make the best milk.” This milk is produced in a traditional way in the greenest cheese factory in the Netherlands.
  3. Healthy eggs
    The products used for the egg and the chicken sandwich come from the Rondeel farm. There, the birds can live as they naturally do. They can wander around, take adust bath and find a sheltered place where they can rest and lay eggs. The Rondeel chickens receive balanced food that consists of 50% of grains. The soy in their food is of responsible origin and meets the Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy Production. After a few seasons, the Rondeel laying hens will seize their activities and go on a so-called ‘laying retirement’. Later on, the laying hens deliver chicken meat. The QiZiNi chicken sandwich we serve is a unique and exclusive KLM product. Both the eggs and the chicken meat from Rondeel have earned the ‘better life three-star quality mark’, the highest animal welfare qualification of the Dutch Animal Protection society.
  4. Circular system
    The sandwiches are loaded in FSC-certified cardboard that is recycled. The crew  helpson board when separating all the packaging. After the flight, unopened sandwiches are separated by KLM Catering services at Schiphol, and they are fermented into biogas. In the entire production chain of the QiZiNi double sandwiches, environmental and animal-friendly solutions have always been chosen. Both in the field of logistics, packaging and ingredients.

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