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The MSC label. Fish that doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth



17th May, 2012

KLM is the first airline to regularly serve fish with the MSC label, which is a quality mark that is issued by the Marine Stewardship Council. This label guarantees that the fish has been caught sustainably.

We are very critical when assessing the origin of the fish that we serve to our passengers. We base this on the guidelines published by the World Wide Fund for Nature The Netherlands (VISwijzer) and the North Sea Foundation (Stichting Noordzee), amongst other organisations. In the Netherlands, we buy large quantities of fish from regular suppliers that have committed themselves to compliance with these guidelines. However, even abroad we do our utmost to meet the high standards we set for ourselves in the field of sustainability. For example, we serve fewer shrimp from tropical areas, because the way in which they are caught damages the ecosystem. Seabob shrimp are an exception to this rule, as they were the first tropical shrimp ever to gain the MSC quality mark in 2011.

Seafood Champion 2010

Our consistence in the policy we pursue in our acquisition of sustainable fish for years now was rewarded in March 2010 when we won the prestigious Seafood Champion Award. This is an annual incentive prize that is awarded to companies that make a special contribution to sustainable fishing.

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