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Paper in the cockpit; a thing of the past


5th Jul, 2016

June 2016 marks a rather special milestone as Flight Operations says farewell to paper-based flight plans and journey logs. After more than 95 years, KLM will stop using paper for the preparation and recording of flight information, switching instead to the specially developed eBriefer app on pilots’ iPads. This is more efficient and better for the environment.

Until now, pilots planned their flights on paper. Prior to every flight, Air Traffic Management Dispatch compiled a briefing package containing the flight plan, route, weather forecasts and fuel data. This package was printed for every flight and, depending on the route to be flown, consisted of 20 to 60 A4 sheets of paper.


KLM developed the eBriefer in close cooperation with AVIOBOOK. This is an app in which crew digitally receive all relevant flight details. After an extended trial, during which the pilots simultaneously used the app and paper briefing package, the time was ripe to discontinue the existing system and switch to a new and innovative alternative. The app also presents opportunities for greater optimisation in future.


Besides being simpler, faster and more efficient, the paperless cockpit will also save around 15,000 sheets of paper a day. This will reduce weight onboard the aircraft and lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. And, along with saving paper, the reduction in the consumption of printer-ink cartridges will also benefit the environment.


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